MBlog 2016

Write content that moves you closer to your goal.

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Workshop: A Year of Value-Based Blog Content

Lover of life, lover of love. Blogger and designer.

Starting a blog is an accomplishment. Writing content that moves you closer to your goals each week? There should be a black belt for that.

While she can’t promise you a black belt, business strategist Kyla Roma will not only demystify how you can create an online presence that works for your goals, she will show you how to enjoy the creative journey.

Developing helpful, engaging content is becoming a job requirement in order to make your organization, brand, or resume stand out from the crowd. But it can also be hard to measure and time intensive.

The solution is content that’s designed to make an impact and further your goals from the start.

(Registration is closed as this event is now past. Stay tuned for our next event!)

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MBlog 2016 will consist of two parts: first a workshop led by Kyla, and then a peer-to-peer exchange to tap into the shared talents in the room.

Workshop: A Year of Value-Based Blog Content

What could you accomplish if every post helped your readers and brought you one step closer to your goals?

In a half day, Kyla Roma will use simple brainstorming, with a twist, to help MBlog attendees dream up enough ideas to fill an editorial calendar with one year of weekly content designed to further their goals.

During this live workshop, bloggers and content creators will follow a simple step-by-step method to define their point-of-view and brainstorm posts that will get noticed by readers.

Beginners and experienced bloggers alike will learn about between different types of content, how to apply them to your niche and will draw out your personal perspective which, as she teaches, is all you need to write a compelling blog.

Peer-to-Peer Cafe

The best events bring smart, passionate people into one room, but it can be hard to discover who you should connect with to reach your next breakthrough. At MBlog 2016 we want to make it easier for your ideas, questions and challenges to take center stage.

The Peer-to-Peer Cafe session taps into the niche knowledge and diverse experience that participants have to offer. You'll network, ask questions and share insights with people you'll actually work with!

During this session tables will be given a theme, such as defining an ideal reader and community building. Participants can rotate between tables that match their interests, questions and expertise. Participants will strike up discussions, pool collective knowledge and discover their next step forward. Bring your burning questions and the problems you've just solved alike - the MBlog community needs them both.

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Our Schedule for Saturday, January 23rd

8:30 AM Registration Opens
U of W Convocation Hall
9:00 AM Hot Breakfast Served
9:30-11:30 AM Kyla leads content creation workshop
11:30 AM - 12:00 PM Coffee Break
12:00-1:00 PM Peer to Peer Cafe
1:00 PM Workshop wrap up
After we wrap up, everyone is invited to head down to a local bar and continue the fabulous discussions and networking
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About Kyla

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Blog: Kyla Roma

Kyla Roma is a Winnipeg-based business strategist and marketing consultant who has worked with hundreds of bloggers and business owners. She helps business owners create marketing messages that captivate readers, and designs profitable business systems.

She started her first blog in 1998 and has maintained KylaRoma.com since 2008. Kyla honed her content marketing skills by turning her lifestyle blog into a full time job, first as a web designer and now as the secret weapon of bloggers and business owners. When she’s not working, she’s usually on social media or reading.

2016 is MBlog's third year as Winnipeg's blogging conference!

(Registration is closed as this event is now past. Stay tuned for our next event!)